What is Electric Fencing and How Does it Work?

An electric fence was primarily developed for the restriction of animal movement. Since this time the security industry used the initial technology and improved on it to give a system utilizing wires fitted on insulators and powered by an energizer which is capable of delivering a substantial and most uncomfortable shock.

The energizer in simple terms is a transformer that can convert low power to a huge quantity of power to the person touching the wires. The energizer used for this purpose will not allow anyone to be killed as the unit is designed to allow the power to pulsate on/off on a continuous basis. Therefore unlike your power in the house where a possibility exists that you could die if experiencing a shock, the electric fence power switches on and off momentarily and therefore is termed a non-lethal electric fence.

The professionally made energizes conform to strict legislation and must comply with such governing bodies as the government gazette, post office and SABS. This legislation has been introduced to stop the public from being fately shocked.

There is also other controlling legislation such as the minimum installation height permissible and warning sign requirements etc.

There are three main advantages of an electric fence installation:

The visual appearance
The shock capacity
The alarm given

Should you install a good electric fence then the visual appearance will be a definite deterrent. For example if the house/property next door is not fitted with an electric fence you are at a distinct advantage.

When correctly wired and the right size energizer installed, the shock experienced will be of such a magnitude that it would deter a normal person from trying to enter the premises.

If wired correctly the electric fence will go to an alarm when the wire is cut or shorted.

The electric fence will have served its purpose as an early warning device should the above occur.

Although house alarms are of importance the advantage of a correctly installed electric fence is that:

  1. either the person does not try to enter your premises, or,
  2. should the alarm be sounded the person is not already in the house or building and therefore time is on your side.

The electric fence can be linked to your existing security service rapid response provider, for example Chubb, Monitor Net, ADT., etc.

By installing a correctly fitted electric fence the chances of the criminal gaining access, or for that matter been able to make a quick escape/get-away are very much minimized and therefore you are at a distinct advantage over a property not fitted with electric fence.

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